The water entering our mains is of a high quality however, over time natural sediment can build up in the pipes which could affect the taste, clarity and colour of the water.

We carry out a variety of maintenance activities to ensure that we supply clearer, fresher drinking water. You may have received a letter from us about carrying out a short programme of mains sampling and flushing in your area.

First we sample the water from a fire hydrant and, if necessary, we carry out a short programme of flushing out the water mains near you.

Network Mains Sampling and Flushing FAQs

No, we will endeavor not to turn off any customer’s water supply.

The process involves opening hydrants to take samples from the water network. There is a small risk you may experience low pressure during the night but the water supply is not turned off during this work.

No, we recommend no appliances are used during the night on the planned dates/times of our sampling.

The process of sampling from hydrants may cause the water to become discoloured. For this reason the work is carried out at night between 11pm and 5am to minimise disruption. Use your appliances as normal at other times.

Yes, the work should have no impact on your central heating system. Hot water could be affected, depending on your heating system type. We advise you to check manufacturers' information for your system. The central heating system should not be directly connected to the water network.

Run the kitchen tap until clear. If it doesn't run clear after a period of time contact the Customer helpline on 0800 0778 778 and quote the reference number from your letter.

The following morning the cold kitchen tap should be run until clear before any water is used. You do not have to boil the water before use.

Please contact the Customer helpline on 0800 0778 778 and quote the reference number from your letter.

All work is undertaken during the night to minimise any disruption to the water supply. We endeavor to keep all noise disruption to a minimum but the work we undertake will cause some light minimal background noise e.g. some hydrants running and lifting of lids.
Each area normally takes one to two nights to sample. The flushing duration depends on the size of the area and may take a few days longer.