Your Pipes FAQs

It’s the pipe that runs from the edge of your property boundary on a public road or street, to the stop valve inside your home. It can be an individual supply pipe or shared with others. Flats and older or terraced houses usually have a shared water supply pipe.
The property owner is responsible for the maintenance. A shared supply means you and your neighbours are jointly responsible. You are responsible for the installation and maintenance of all plumbing inside your home.

For further information see our: Pipework in your home leaflets
It starts at the water main and runs to the boundary of your property where it meets the stopcock and water meter, if you have one. We own the water communication pipe and are responsible for maintaining it, including the stopcock.
These are at the end of the communication pipe. We access your water supply at the stopcock to carry out necessary works or checks. If you have a water meter, it will be located here and it measures the amount of water entering your property. We’re responsible for the maintenance and repair of both. 
It’s the main public water supply pipe. This pipe is Scottish Water's responsibility.

This controls the water supply into your property. It’s located within the boundary of your property, usually in your home under a sink, or in a garage.  You can switch off your water supply here if your pipe bursts or you’re doing plumbing works. The stop valve is your responsibility. 

Watch our video: How to find your stop valve

This pipe removes the waste water ( Eg. from your toilet and sinks) from your home. It runs from your home to your property boundary where it meets and connects to the main public sewer. The homeowner is responsible for this pipe.
Your waste water passes from your private drain to the main public sewer. Our vast network of sewers transports the waste water to our waste water treatment works. We’re responsible for the provision, operation and maintenance of the public sewer network. 

For further information see our Pipework in you home leaflets