As the result of heavy rainfall there is a risk of flash flooding in your area.

During these events drains and watercourses may not be able to cope with the amount of surface water from buildings, footpaths and roadways etc.  Where the drains carry combined storm and waste water, this can lead to sewage flooding.

If the flooding relates to surface water please contact your Local Authority for assistance. A list of Local Authorities with links to their websites can be found here

If sewage is visible as a result of the severe weather, please call 0800 0778 778 and one of our advisors will be on hand to help you.

Another good resource for flooding advice and information is SEPA's flooding pages.

On the SEPA website you can also report flooding on an interactive map to alert others in your area with their Report a Flood tool.

Flooding information

Our flooding pages contain more information on responsibilities around flooding and what to do if you are a victim of flooding.

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