Public sewer flooding

If your property has been affected by flooding from public sewers, please call us on 0800 0778 778 or report this through our online portal here, one of our team will be here to help, 24 hours a day. You should also contact your insurance company, no matter what caused the flooding, your insurer is best placed to help you.

If your property has internal sewer flooding, we will respond as soon as possible. This may take longer if we are prevented from reaching you by exceptional circumstances such as severe weather.

If your property has external sewer flooding, we will attend as soon as we can but have to prioritise those customers in greatest need, such as those with internal sewer flooding, and customers at greater risk, such as the elderly and disabled.

Think your property is about to flood?

The Scottish Flood Forum has helpful advice on what to do when your property is about to flood. Click below to visit their page.

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  • We will attend the flooding as soon as possible (usually within 4 hours for an internal flood and within 24 hours for an external flood). Please note that in the event of extreme weather conditions these times may vary.
  • Where possible identify if the issue is the responsibility of SW and resolve it.
  • Assist with any clean up required and where appropriate, disinfect the affected area (this may be completed by our contractor partners or representatives).
  • Carry out on-site investigations to identify likely causes. If the flooding is caused by a complex issue, additional resources may be contacted for assistance. A CCTV survey of the affected sewer may also be carried out at a later date.
  • Keep you updated on findings during these on-site investigations.

Surface water and groundwater

To report groundwater property flooding and flooding from the roads or problems with highway gullies or ditches, contact your local council.

River flooding

If a river has burst its banks and it's affecting you or your property, contact your local authority.

How can I prepare for flooding?

The Scottish Flood Forum has helpful advice on how you can prepare for flooding. Click below to visit their page.

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Other useful links to general flooding advice

Live flooding updates

Live flooding updates are available from SEPA. Click below to visit their page.

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Further advice can be found here: