Our Energy Programme

Energy Strategy

Reducing the cost of delivering our services and reducing our carbon footprint

We are one of the largest electricity consumers in Scotland and our energy strategy aims to reduce the cost of delivering our services to customers and reduce our carbon footprint.

We require 442 Gigawatt hours (GWh) each year – enough to power nearly 140,000 homes.

In 2018/19 we achieved two important milestones:

  • We delivered our renewables and energy efficiency regulatory target of 17.5 GWh two years ahead of plan AND under budget
  • We increased self-generated power to its largest volume ever

Our strategy contributes to the Government’s Hydro Nation ambitions, supporting a greener and stronger economy, and it plays a key role in helping to reduce the cost of delivering our services to customers.

We have a four pronged approach to energy management and development:

  • Reducing consumption by improving the capability of our assets and operations
  • Increasing self-generation
  • Hosting private renewables investment on our land
  • Optimising our energy purchasing strategy to maximise benefits for customers, communities and local businesses

Energy Programme

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You can submit an initial enquiry to the Scottish Water Energy Team about a potential renewable project using the Initial Approach Form used in conjunction with the Renewable Energy Guide both of which can be found in the Document Hub.

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