Scottish Water’s vision is to be: Trusted to care for the water on which Scotland depends and our purpose is to provide high quality affordable water, protect and enhance our environment and support Scotland's communities and economy. Scottish Water is committed to find and develop ways to be increasingly sustainable in how we deliver those services.

Scottish Water’s Scientific Services Management Team is committed to delivering the Scottish Water vision and success aspirations and therefore manages environmental matters as an integral part of its activities to enable us to plan and operate our technical logistics and laboratory processes and facilities in an effective and sustainable manner.  

Scientific Services Management Team is committed to ensuring that we:

  • Fulfil our compliance obligations relating to environmental laws, regulations and standards and meet our own environmental quality standards where existing laws or regulation is not adequate to ensure protection of the environment
  • Maintain our certification to the environment management standard BS EN ISO 14001: 2015
  • Educate, train and motivate employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner and ensure that a continuing professional development strategy remains core to our business
  • Support continual improvement to enhance our overall environmental performance which is facilitated by implementing management systems and procedures and the setting of objectives based on our environmental aspects and impacts and compliance obligations
  • Reduce impacts on the environment by reducing our resource utilisation in our activities and services and work towards product life extension approaches where possible
  • Improve the amounts of material re-used and recycled and decrease our operational and embedded/capital carbon
  • Minimise the amount and toxicity of waste generated and ensure the safe treatment and re-use of waste where possible to prevent release of any harmful pollutant to the atmosphere, land or water
  • Work with suppliers and contractors to improve environmental performance throughout our supply chain
  • Ensure that we continue to raise awareness of environmental issues and communicate our environmental performance and developments

This Policy will be communicated to all staff, contractors and suppliers, and be available to the public or interested parties through selected media.

The scope of the Scientific Services Environmental Management System is:

Sampling and Logistics, Sample Management and analysis performed by Scientific Services.

Legionella Risk assessment and control activities