Innovation is vital to meeting the challenges faced by the water industry both now and in the future. 

Companies and research institutions have a pivotal role to play in developing new and innovative processes and technologies to inform and shape the future of the water sector. 

Our Development Centres offer users a unique opportunity to meet these challenges head on. By facilitating access to pilot-scale testing sites, users can test and develop prototype products, processes and technologies on an industrial scale.  

As the only facilities of their kind in Scotland, trials can be carried out under live conditions to support testing and problem-solving on a range of water-related applications. 

We also recognise the successful collaboration between academia and industrial organisations is the key to a sustainable future. 

We’re engaging with a number of companies and research institutions to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and co-working, with the aim of delivering industry relevant solutions.

Scottish Water is also playing a leading role in a new North West Europe Water Test Network which is a new partnership which will accelerate innovation across the industry. 

The network will see experts at sites across the UK, Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands working in collaboration with business es to develop and introduce new products to market more quickly.