Project to tackle sewer flooding in Marchmont to start in New Year

09 September 2021
Brunsfield Links park

Brunsfield Links

It is proposed that the underground storm water tank is installed in the grassed area on the edge of Brunsfield Links

A major investment project to improve the wastewater network and help tackle sewer flooding in the Marchmont area of Edinburgh is due to begin early in the new year. 

Scottish Water has submitted planning permission for the investment which will involve the installation of underground storm water tank in the grassed area next to Warrender Park Terrace and upgrading sections of the sewer network. The storm tank will have the capacity to store 2840m3 of storm water at times of heavy rain fall which is happening more often due to climate change. 

An above-ground green control kiosk will be installed along the footpath just off Warrender Park Terrace. The kiosk will house controls to operate the pumps for the tanks. 

A section of Leamington Walk will be closed for a period of time during the project to allow for vehicular access for the construction of the tank. A diversion will be put in place to maintain pedestrian and cycle access during this time. 

The work, which is due to start in January 2022, will last around 16 months. It will be carried out by Scottish Water alliance partner Caledonia Water Alliance (CWA). 

Along with the construction of the storm tank we will be installing new, larger sewer pipes along sections of Marchmont Crescent. There will be traffic management required for this phase of works and parking will be affected. 

Cycle path

Leamington Walk

A diversion route will be in place to allow for vehicle access to construction site

Graeme Hamilton, Project Manager for CWA, said: “We will be liaising closely with the community about this project in the coming months. 

“We appreciate this work will cause some inconvenience to people in the area and will do all we can to minimise any disruption.” 

Scottish Water will notify customers in the area ahead of the work to confirm the start date. 

Scott Fraser, Communities Manager at Scottish Water, said: “This major investment project will help address internal sewer flooding issues in the Marchmont area. It is vital that this work is carried out to allow the wastewater network to better handle the impacts of changing weather, including extreme rainfall events which exceed current capacity. 

“Storm flows from the sewers, which can become overloaded, will be redirected to the new underground tank. The tank will retain the water until storms subside when the water is then pumped back into the sewers to help reduce the risk of flooding to homes and streets.” 

Mr Fraser added: “We will continue to engage with people living and visiting the area where work is being done to keep them up-to-date on this essential project. 

The project team met with local stakeholders, including the local community council and Friends of the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links to provide a site walkover and an opportunity to discuss the potential impact the project would have for local residents.  

Jim Orr, Chair of Friends of the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links, welcomed the proposals. He said:  Heavy rainfall and flash floods have become an unfortunate reality of modern weather patterns. We are working closely with Scottish Water to help minimise the impact and inconvenience to users of the Meadows and Links while this flood water drainage improvement is implemented."