‘Challenging but Successful Year’ for Scottish Water - Annual Report Highlights

27 June 2022
Annual Report

Annual Reports and Accounts 2021/22

Performance and Prospects

Scotland’s public water and waste water provider has published its annual report, highlighting how 2021/22 was among the most ‘challenging’ yet.

Scottish Water, which is now in its 20th year, says changing weather conditions and aging infrastructure are among the big issues it will continue to face and set out how it will be looking to find innovative new solutions to tackle these.

Annual Report & Accounts

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“Our teams work exceptionally hard to cope with the impact of the changing weather while maintaining vital services.”

Douglas Millican
Chief Executive, Scottish Water
The organisation, which employs more than 4,000 people, is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and the latest report includes updates on some of the innovative work being done to reach this target.

Chief Executive Douglas Millican said: “Extreme weather events we used to classify as one-in-50 year events are now happening much more frequently. Our teams work exceptionally hard to cope with the impact of the changing weather while maintaining vital services.

“Looking ahead, with each significant storm or extended dry period it is becoming more apparent just how much we need to invest in and improve our assets, some of which are many decades old, to ensure our customers’ receive the high quality services they expect.”

Scottish Water provides essential water services to more than 2.6 million homes and 150,000 business premises. It operates and maintains more than 230 water treatment works 1,800 waste water treatment works across the country – which are connected by more than 60,000 miles of pipes.

Scottish Water’s ‘Annual Report and Accounts: Performance and Prospects’ provides an open and transparent view of Scottish Water’s performance in the last year. It highlights what the publicly-owned utility achieved, how it overcame its main challenges and includes an overview of its future direction.