Look after the loch

01 July 2022
Volunteers from Angus Council and Scottish Water picking litter at Loch of Lintrathen

Picking litter at Lintrathen Loch 

Angus Councillor Julie Bell joins Julianne Robertson and Graham Skea from Scottish Water to keep the area around the reservoir neat and tidy

Look after the loch – that’s the message Scottish Water is sending to anyone planning to visit or camp near Lintrathen or Backwater reservoirs this summer.

The utility company is working closely with the local community to ensure Loch of Lintrathen, Backwater and the surrounding woodland remains a pleasant environment for visitors. 

Gavin Steel from Scottish Water said: “We’re urging anyone who’s planning on visiting or camping near the reservoirs to ‘leave no trace’ - in other words, to follow the outdoor access code, avoid lighting fires and ensure they tidy up any litter or human waste.  These are simple, common sense guidelines to keep the area safe and accessible for everyone.

“We’d encourage campers to bring a stove so they don’t have to have an open fire, especially at this time of year when there’s a high risk of wildfires, which can get out of control very quickly and are incredibly damaging to the natural environment.”

Scottish Water employees teamed up with local Councillor Julie Bell for a litter pick around Loch of Lintrathen last week (24th June 2022) and discovered a number of dangerously placed fire stones under trees and close to dry vegetation.  The utility company recently joined calls to raise awareness of wildfire risks to prevent damage and help protect the environment and water supplies.

The area has been used in the past by wild campers who have not behaved responsibly – but PC Barrie Taylor from the Community Policing team in Angus says they are keeping a close eye on both Lintrathen and Backwater reservoirs, and will take action if anyone is found to be behaving irresponsibly:

“Now that summer has arrived, the public are welcomed and encouraged to explore what the local countryside has to offer. There is an abundance of walking routes with stunning scenery, and other more energetic activities to be enjoyed in Angus.

“Unfortunately, there have been reports whereby the minority spoil it for all others by leaving waste, or the remnants of a wild campsite behind, causing a blot on the landscape.

“Local agencies and volunteers work tirelessly to maintain these areas and will continue to monitor and report any such matters. Police work closely with Partner Agencies and any reported offences will be dealt with robustly.

“I would like to remind all those who decide to spend time in the countryside to please leave it in the clean and tidy state you would expect to find it. It is each individual’s responsibility to do their part to keep Angus tidy and to take all their belongings and waste home with them, or dispose of it appropriately.

“By working together and being responsible, we can all enjoy the outdoors.”

Advice on respecting reservoirs and complying with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code can be found on the Scottish Water website.