Keeping Water flowing in Arran

15 July 2022

Water tankers are being deployed in Arran in a round-the-clock operation to keep the island’s water supplies flowing.

So far this week, twenty-five tankers have travelled across Arran, fifteen from the mainland, to add around 750,000 litres of water to parts of the network where usage is particularly high – notably as a result of warm, dry weather accompanied by a surge in visitor numbers. 


Arran Water Supply

Water tankers are being deployed in Arran a round-the-clock to keep the island’s water supplies flowing.

We are urging residents and visitors to the popular tourist destination to use water efficiently during the summer season.

Mark Tait, a water operations manager with Scottish Water, said: “We’re currently experiencing increased usage on the Isle of Arran and we are working hard to maintain water supplies for our customers. 

“Tanker operations are an important part of our response during periods of drier weather and times of increased visitor numbers which often results in increased water usage. However, members of the public can also play an important part in our response and we are urging residents and visitors to work with us to help protect water resources. 

“We’re urging everyone to be mindful of the water they use in and around their homes and holiday accommodation, and to only use what they really need. This is particularly important in the garden where people significantly increase their usage during the better weather.” 
Taking shorter showers, using watering cans not hosepipes, only running washing machines when full and not running the tap while brushing your teeth can help save water.