Byelaws FAQs

Compliance with Water Byelaws can protect:

  • You - from criminal prosecution
  • Your employees and visitors to your premises – by protecting the drinking water they may consume and therefore their safety in the workplace
  • Your business - from criminal prosecution, adverse publicity, potentially substantial fines or disconnection from the water supply

As a business, you also need to ensure that your whole plumbing system is correctly installed and maintained to comply with Water Byelaws, and take measures to prevent the contamination of drinking water.

Scottish Water creates and enforces Water Byelaws, which must be adhered to in all properties that have a public water supply.

The main aim of Water Byelaws is to ensure the quality of drinking water is to the highest standard and to prevent contamination of the public water supply.

We always recommend the use of licensed plumbers. A licensed plumber will certify that their work meets the requirements of Water Byelaws, giving you peace of mind.

There are a number of benefits of using members of such schemes:

  • Their work is certified as complying with Water Byelaws
  • Properly trained and qualified personnel are available
  • Members are audited/inspected on a regular basis
  • They hold public liability insurance
  • They must submit Financial Integrity Statements annually
  • Scottish Water supports and promotes the WaterSafe scheme. WaterSafe is a dedicated online search facility to help customers to find the nearest qualified plumbing and heating professionals in their area. 

Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation (SNIPEF) runs the Plumbing Industry Licensing Scheme and this is part of WaterSafe.

To find a licensed plumber in your area, visit or call SNIPEF on 0845 224 0391 who will be able to recommend a plumber.