As part of our commitment to maintaining water quality, we proactively carry out Water Byelaw compliance inspections on a wide range of premises. 

Where non-compliant installations are found, we provide guidance on what corrective measures are necessary.

Whether you're an owner or occupier of a property, or if you install or maintain plumbing systems and water fittings, you have a legal obligation to ensure the requirements of the Water Byelaws are met. In addition, architects, developers, plumbers and builders need to ensure the requirements are met for future owners or occupiers.

Notification of Plumbing Changes Under Byelaw 5

You are legally required to notify us of certain planned plumbing works. Full details of the type of work to be notified can be found in Byelaw 5 of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) (Scotland) Byelaws 2014

Early notification will allow us to provide any necessary guidance on byelaw compliance and could help prevent any costly abortive work.  You can use our Water Byelaws Byelaw 5 Notification Form to tell us of any planned changes.

Find all important supporting information at: Byelaws  Documentation