The Central Market Agency (CMA) keeps a record of which customers are served by which Licensed Provider. 
The CMA calculate the wholesale charges payable to us for each supply point. Details of the process for calculating wholesale charges can be found on the CMA website.
The CMA publishes provisional and reconciliation settlement reports that we use to calculate our charges. We calculate the payments due from, or to, each Licensed Provider. We will then issue invoices and reconciliation statements accordingly. Payment terms can be found in the Wholesale Services Agreement. 

For a copy of our invoicing timetable please contact Wholesale Billing team or this can be found on the 'Knowledge Base' section of the LP Customer Portal. 

For contact details for the Wholesale Billing Team, please visit the LP Customer Portal.

What’s in a Bill? 

Primary Charges 

Primary Charges cover the volumetric and non-volumetric charges for both water and sewerage services. Trade Effluent and Property Drainage are also included in these. Primary Charges are all calculated by the CMA at each settlement period. Advanced Payment Interest Credit is also included as interest for payments made in advance of each provisional (P1) run.

Non-primary Charges 

Non-primary charges include payments to us for other services, such as metering services, new connections and permanent disconnections.  
For more information on types of charges, please see the Wholesale Charges Scheme Part 1 and Wholesale Charges Scheme Part 2.