Connections & Disconnections

Title Type Size Download
Application to Connect to the Public Water Supply System

Form A (A-E)

XLS 574 KB Download
Application for an Individual Premises Sewerage Connection

Form B (A-E)

XLS 1 MB Download
Application for New Water Mains/Trunk Main/Service Reservoir Connection

Form C (A-E)

XLS 1 MB Download
Application for Sewerage Mains/Trunk Sewer/Waste Water System Connection

Form D (A-E)

XLS 584 KB Download
Application for a Development Impact Assessment

Form E (A-E)

XLS 471 KB Download
Temporary Disconnection Monitoring and Enforcement Process Pilot

This document offers more information on a pilot process for enforcement action against customers who have reconnected themselves following temporary disconnection.

PDF 23 KB Download
Boundary Box Advisory Note for Non-Domestic Connections

Scottish Water's requirements for the boundary box installation on your new approved connection

PDF 720 KB Download

Exemptions, Allowances & Incentives

Title Type Size Download
Wholesale Burst Allowance Policy

Sets out circumstances in which Scottish Water may grant a burst allowance to a Licensed Provider

PDF 100 KB Download
Wholesale Burst Allowance Application Checklist

Information checklist for burst allowance

PDF 57 KB Download
Fire Tariff Agreement & Fire Fighting Allowance Policy

Policy on how Scottish Water will assess the eligibility of applications for fire tariff agreements

PDF 144 KB Download
Scottish Government Charities Exemption Scheme Policy

Guidelines on the replacement Scottish Government Exemption Scheme with respect to wholesale water and sewerage charges starting on 1st April 2015

PDF 278 KB Download
Return to Sewer Allowance Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear, unambiguous guideline on the Return to Sewer Allowance

PDF 109 KB Download
Return To Sewer Allowance Application Checklist

Checklist of information needed for return to sewer allowance application

PDF 55 KB Download
Umbrella Organisation Income Apportionment Template


XLSX 17 KB Download


Title Type Size Download
Meter Code of Practice

Outline of the requirements that apply to accredited UCPs who undertake defined metering activities in relation to non-household premises in Scotland

PDF 1 MB Download
Meter Menu

List of available water meters

PDF 151 KB Download
Non Standard Meter Table

Charge table for non-standard meters

PDF 254 KB Download

Registration, Verification & Deregistration

Title Type Size Download
Deregistration Guidelines

Deregistration of Supply Point at the request of the Licensed Provider

PDF 635 KB Download
Process Pointer

Deregistration / Verification of Meter Details / Meter Fault & Repair

PDF 41 KB Download
Reassessment of Property Drainage Charges Guide

How to submit a reassessment of propert drainage charges

PDF 735 KB Download

Wholesale Billing

Title Type Size Download
De Minimis Payments Policy

Guidelines on policy to void disproportionate bank charges for trading parties

PDF 68 KB Download
Process For Use of Schedule 3 Flags

Process outlining the uses of the Schedule 3 flag and method of caluclating the value to the flag where it is not equal to a value determined by the commission

PDF 63 KB Download
Wholesale Debt Recovery Policy

Definition of how Scottish Water will apply to the collection of wholesale revenue from Licensed Providers to ensure that a transparent and consistent approach is applied

PDF 216 KB Download

Wholesale Market & Charging

Title Type Size Download
Abortive Charges

Clarification on when an abortive charge may apply

PDF 157 KB Download
Customer Guide to Part Residential Premises

How part residential properties are charged for water and sewerage services

PDF 76 KB Download
Estimated Metered Consumption Policy

Guidelines on the circumstances in which Scottish Water will estimate metered consumption

PDF 73 KB Download
Licensed Provider Information For Dual Use and Part Residential Premises

Explanation of the responsibilities of Licence Providers and Scottish Water in relation to who raises bills for water and sewerage charges at dual-use premises

PDF 89 KB Download
Non Standard Meter Table

Charge table for non-standard meters

PDF 254 KB Download
Operational Code

Find out about the market processes

PDF 2 MB Download
Student Accommodation

Information regarding the circumstances where student accommodation is exempt from water and waste water charges

PDF 187 KB Download
Information Note: Water and Sewerage Charges for Vacant Non-household Properties

Information note on changes to charges for vacant non-household properties

PDF 156 KB Download
Wholesale Data Changes Policy

Sets out the general principles to be followed in making data corrections

PDF 103 KB Download
Scottish Water Charges Scheme 2023-24, Part 1

Explanation of how Scottish Water will recover charges for its Wholesale Services

PDF 533 KB Download
Scottish Water Charges Scheme 2023-24, Part 2

Details of the charges for Scottish Water’s Wholesale Services

PDF 296 KB Download
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