We believe everyone has a role to play in ensuring public money is protected.

We are committed to using our funding efficiently and for the purposes it was intended. For that reason, it is important that you are aware of the terms and conditions that we need to follow as part of our claims process.

The below leaflet contains information about our claims process and things to consider before making a claim against Scottish Water.

There may be times when we don’t offer compensation. Sometimes there are circumstances that we cannot control, such as severe weather. This may include unusually low temperatures which are not seasonally typical.

It may also include high winds, severe snow or heavy rain, each of which may have the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption. Additionally, we cannot control industrial action or the actions of others.

We are not strictly liable for incidents that we are not able to control e.g extreme weather events. We advise our customers initially to contact their insurance company in the first instance if cover is in place for such an event, as they will not have to establish liability to start the remedial or compensation process.

Making a claim against Scottish Water

For further information see our Making a Claim Against Scottish Water booklet.

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