Generation H₂O

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Introducing Generation H₂O, our new curriculum aligned educational resource for Scotland’s young people. Water is one of Scotland’s most valuable and precious resources, and we want to work together to protect it for the future.

Primary Resources

You can register here to download our two free educational resources: Keep Scotland Flowing for learners aged 9-11 (P5-7) and Mission H₂O for learners aged 5-11 (P1-7).

These fully resourced, interactive lessons bring the water cycle to life while supporting the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes across Sciences, Social Studies, Technologies, and Health and Wellbeing. They’re also a great way to contribute towards the Water topic in your Eco Schools Award. Our free resources include Teachers’ Guide, Interactive Lesson Presentations, Homework Tasks and more!

Mission H₂O

Mission H₂O offers a whole school approach to sustainability with fun, hands-on challenges for learners aged 5-11 (P1-7). It kicks off with a school-wide assembly before learners embark on a series of water-themed challenges at home and school.

Keep Scotland Flowing

Keep Scotland Flowing is a new dynamic educational resource that introduces learners aged 9-11 (P5-7) to the water cycle and how we all play a role in protecting water.

Secondary Resource

Pitch for the Planet

Register here to download Pitch for the Planet, our free educational resource for learners aged 12-14 (S1-S3). These fully resourced, interactive lessons explore the challenges of the global water supply while supporting the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes across Social Subjects, Literacy, Numeracy, and Health and Wellbeing.

Pitch for the Planet is a set of engaging educational resources that challenge secondary learners to consider global issues in water supply before pitching their solution to problems that Scotland’s water faces during the Water Summit Challenge.

Young people care about the environment and these fun, interactive lessons tap into that by helping them understand the value of water and why we all should protect it.

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Generation H₂O

Scottish Water's new nationwide campaign that will empower every young person in Scotland to take positive action to protect Scotland’s water