Project Overview

Scottish Water has invested  £1.6 million in Shetland’s south mainland to provide customers with an improved service and to ensure we can continue to supply clear, fresh drinking water into the future.

The project was delivered by one of Scottish Water’s alliance partners Caledonia Water Alliance (CWA) and was completed in early 2023.

At a Glance

  •  Water mains upgrade

  • £1.6 investment

  • Delivered by CWA

  • Approx. 12 months to deliver


Investing in your water network

The £1.6m project will enable us to provide a better service to customers in the area.

What We Did

The work involved replacing approximately 9km of water main between Geosetter, Bigton and Maywick. 
 We would like to thank customers and road users for their patience and understanding while we carried out this essential work.