Roseburn House, Roseburn Drive, Edinburgh

Scottish Water is carrying out a sewer repair from Monday 12th February at Roseburn House, Edinburgh.

It has been identified that the sewer which feeds Roseburn House is damaged and in poor condition. Currently, the sewer pipe lies under the building and this will be sealed off and secured and a new sewer will be laid in the entrance of the carpark. 

Redirecting the wastewater services this way means that there is available access to the sewer pipe from the carpark should there be any problems in the future. 

Due to the intricate nature of the work and the need for safety measures for both staff and residents, as well as working in a confined underground space next to other services (gas, electricity and telecoms) it is estimated the work will take approximately 10 weeks to complete. 

For this work to take place, a small section of Roseburn Drive closed, access to the carpark will be suspended for the duration of the work and there will be no parking on a section of Roseburn Drive. We have been in discussions with the building factors, who own the carpark to make them aware of the upcoming works.

Pedestrian access via the front and rear doors will be maintained and arrangements will be made with the local authority for the site team to relocate bins for collection, ensuring continuity of the current schedule.

Our contractors George Leslie will be carrying out this work on our behalf.

We thank our customers for their patience. Regular communication during the project will be provided. 

Diagram of the road closure at Roseburn Drive

Roseburn House

A small section of Roseburn Drive will be closed and no access to the carpark