Stonehaven - Water Network Improvements

Work to take care of water mains in Stonehaven has been completed, helping to ensure that customers in the seaside town continue to receive clear, fresh drinking water well into the future.  
The programme of work on the town’s water network, which began in November 2018, has been carried out on Scottish Water’s behalf by its alliance partner Caledonia Water Alliance (CWA).  
The 6 month project involved the rehabilitation of over 27 kilometres of water mains in total, via a combination of re-lining, replacement and flushing.  The re-lining technique was used in many areas to limit the need to dig up roads where the existing pipes could be scoured and renewed from within, with only localised excavation.  Flushing helps to ensure that any sediment resting in the pipes is cleared to minimise the risk of this reaching customers’ taps. 
With work taking place within the heart of the town, engagement with local residents and businesses was crucial, both before work began and while it was underway. A well attended information event was held in late October which allowed residents and business owners to meet the project team, find out more and raise any questions.

Watch a video here to find out more about this work.

Information Event Posters

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