Beware of Bogus Callers

Anyone working for Scottish Water or on our behalf will have a photo ID card. Watch our video to find out more.

Card, Check, Call.

We’re committed to helping reduce doorstep crime carried out by bogus callers.  

We’re doing all we can to minimise the risk of anyone impersonating a Scottish Water employee or someone carrying out work on our behalf. 

If we knock on your door, check our photo ID and follow our 3C's advice: Card, Check, Call.

Bogus Caller Leaflet

Our Bogus Caller Advice leaflet for information on how to beat the Bogus Caller.

View Leaflet

Genuine Callers 

Anyone calling from Scottish Water, either an employee or a contractor working on our behalf in your area, will always carry a photo identification (ID) card. 

This may be either a Scottish Water ID card, or they may have an ID card for the contractor. They will usually drive vehicles clearly marked with our logo. 

Scottish Water employees or any contractor working for us, will never ask for, nor accept, any money from you at your home.

The 3C's Rule 

We recommend that before you answer the door to anyone claiming to be from Scottish Water, that you follow our ‘3C's’ advice: 

1. Card

 Ask callers to pass their ID card or letter through your letterbox so you can check their identity.

2. Check

  • Check ID carefully
  • Check the photo matches the person at the door 
  • Check if the card been tampered with
  • If you have any doubts, send them away

3. Call

  • Call our customer helpline on 0800 0778 778 before you open the door. We can confirm if the caller is genuine. A genuine caller will always be happy to wait while you confirm their identity
  • Don’t be fooled by bogus callers. If you have doubts, DO NOT let the caller in
  • Where possible we will contact customers in advance to access their property and arrange a suitable time
  • If we need to turn up unexpectedly, all our staff are happy to display ID on arrival