BLOG: Our Gardens Can Bloom Without Wasting Water - Julianne Robertson

Influencer Julianne answers some important questions about watering your gardens AND saving water during the dry summer months

24 June 2024

New Generation H2O Programme Launches at Loch Katrine

Youngsters help launch our new national education programme to encourage young people to protect the future of Scotland's water.

27 May 2024

Early Signs Prestwick Pilot Set To Be Stunning Success

An innovative flooding pilot project to offer free water butts and planters to a neighbourhood in Prestwick has seen more than half of residents keen to sign up to the scheme

07 May 2024

Peebles Pupils Pioneer Mission to Protect Scotland's Water

First lesson of new Generation H₂O youth engagement programme takes place at Priorsford Primary.

29 September 2023

Data Drives Waste Water Site Improvements

An enhanced focus on data is giving Scotland’s most experienced waste water site operators a new insight into running critical infrastructure.

25 July 2023

BLOG: Summer challenge for keeping Scotland’s water flowing

When you work in a team obsessed with delivering great customer service it can make the most difficult times easier

14 July 2023

BLOG: Scotland’s weather and our water

Brian talks about the weather and the way we use water in Scotland

07 July 2023

Warm Weather Water Demand Challenge Remains

A lack of sustained rainfall combined with high customer demand continues to present challenges to maintaining customer supplies – and could do so for weeks to come

23 June 2023

Save water call to maintain normal public supply

Scottish Water is calling on people to use water as efficiently as possible in homes and gardens

02 June 2023

BLOG: 50L Home Coalition - Braulio Eduardo Morera

As part of Scot Climate Week 2022, Braulio talks about a new generation of solutions to address water challenges

27 September 2022

Maintaining Normal Summer Public Water Supply

Scottish Water is working to maintain public water supply to customers in parts of the country affected by prolonged dry warm summer weather.

04 August 2022

Keeping Water flowing in Arran

Tankers used to keep water flowing in Arran this Summer

15 July 2022

Warm Weather Leads to Water Use Call

Scottish Water is urging people across the country to help maintain normal water supplies by being as efficient as possible in how much they use every day.

15 July 2022

BLOG: The Value of Water - Brian McCarthy

Brian talks about the need to value what we have and ensure it’s available to everyone in abundance both now and in the future, without destroying the environment from where it originates and cycles.

26 May 2022