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Call to Curb Irresponsible Behaviour at East Renfrewshire Beauty Spot

We're urging members of the public to respect Picketlaw Reservoir in Eaglesham, following recent acts of vandalism and fears for people’s safety

23 July 2021


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Iconic Bute Landmark Gets Facelift For Staycation Boom

We're giving the historic Bogany Point Pumping Station in Rothesay a staycation makeover!

21 July 2021

Companies Form New Delivery Vehicle to Support Scotland’s Water and Waste Water Services

The delivery of one of Scotland’s biggest capital investment infrastructure programmes has been boosted following the appointment of a network of companies to enhance water and waste water services.

05 July 2021

Sewer Project Donation Help Borders Bloom

Leftover pieces of pipe being fitted as part of a major sewer project have found a new home

30 June 2021

Investment Boost for Northernmost Water Supply

An £800,000 project has been completed to upgrade the Water Treatment Works that serves customers in Unst, the northernmost island community in Shetland

28 June 2021

Eyemouth sewer upgrade to prevent future flooding finishes

A major £3.2 million sewer upgrade to prevent homes in Eyemouth flooding has been completed

24 June 2021

Scottish Water staff ‘sett-up’ badgers with new home

 A clan of badgers are sett-ling into a new home – constructed by staff working on a water environment project in Edinburgh

15 June 2021
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