We’re committed to delivering our services to a high standard.


If we don’t deliver the standard of service you expect, or if we make a mistake, we want to know.


We’ll investigate the situation and set about putting things right as quickly as possible.


By telling us about your experience, you’re helping us to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.


In some circumstances, we can deal directly with business customers to resolve a service issue.  Other times, you need to go through your Licensed Provider (LP).


Complaints regarding billing matters or LP activity should always be directed to the relevant LP.  Complaints and Claims relating to your water or wastewater services should also be directed to your LP in the first instance. Each LP has a complaint process which should be provided to you.


Your LP is the quickest and most appropriate route to have an investigation carried out and your issue resolved as soon as possible.  Your LP will contact Scottish Water to review your concerns and escalate accordingly. 


In most cases, Scottish Water does not deal directly with business customers, and instead handles issues through the customer’s LP. 


If you need to report a service issue, no water or experience any drainage issues, please contact our Customer Service Team. They can be contacted on 0800 0778778 or via our self-service portal found on our website How to Contact Us - Scottish Water