All businesses receiving services from Scottish Water must pay for them through their Licensed Provider (LP). 

In some cases, your landlord might pay for water and waste water charges as part of your tenancy agreement, but you may still be charged for drainage via a Licensed Provider. 

The occupier is responsible for paying the charges, so we advise to check with your landlord which, if any, charges they cover. 

Charges apply from the date you take ownership or tenancy of the property. 

Owners of vacant properties are liable for water, waste water and drainage charges. 

If you believe there is a problem with your bill, then you should contact your LP as soon as possible. 

Water and Waste Water Charges 

Having a meter installed is the fairest way to charge business customers for services provided. 

Most Scottish businesses have a metered supply. Meters also enable you to track usage and manage bills. 

You are charged a fixed non-volumetric charge as well as a volumetric charge for your actual consumption. 

Your waste water charge is calculated based on the assumption that 95% of the water you use will end up as waste water which drains to the public sewer. 

Property Drainage 

You may be liable for property drainage, even if you don't have a water supply or if your landlord pays for your water and sewerage charges. 

This charge is based on the Rateable Value of your property.

Property drainage covers the cost of transporting, treating (where necessary) and disposing of surface water from your property. Most of the properties in Scotland drain into the public sewer.

Vacant Properties FAQ

Find out more about charges for vacant non-household properties in our FAQs

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