Scotland was the first country in the world to offer a choice of water supplier to non-household customers. 

This includes businesses of any size, charities, public sector and non-profit organisations.

If you’re a non-household customer this will allow you to choose the supplier which best meets your needs. These non-household suppliers are also known as a Licensed Provider (LP).

There are a variety of tailored services and pricing to suit everyone.

Scottish Water acts as a wholesaler to LPs and does not have a direct relationship with business customers, unless there is a potential public health or emergency issue.

You can contact us regarding issues such as:

  • Water quality 
  • No water 
  • Water pressure problems 
  • Burst main or water leak 
  • Water in gas pipes  
  • Sewer flooding and pollution incidents
  • Damage to Scottish Water infrastructure (such as a noisy or broken manhole cover) 

 Wholesale Market Diagram

All other enquiries should be directed to your LP. If you don’t know who your LP is, you can check your bill. 

If your business was operating prior to 2008 and you have never switched supplier, then it’s likely that your supplier is Business Stream, as they were the incumbent when this change was originally introduced. 

More information on the LPs currently operating in Scotland can be found on the Scotland on Tap website.

New Businesses Leaflet

Find out more about new businesses and the non-domestic water market in our leaflet in our Document Hub

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Restoring Drinking Water Supplies After Inactivity

Water UK have published advice for businesses that have had a prolonged period of inactivity. 

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