Business Customers

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Guide to Surface Water Drainage at Non-Household Properties

Advice to non-household properties about how to find out if their surface/drainage water is connected to the public sewer netowrk

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New Businesses Leaflet

Advice for new businesses about the non-domestic water market and charging

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Operational Code

Operational Code v36

PDF 3 MB Download
Our Code of Practice for Access to Land Explained

Explains good practice with regard to our powers and duties when we carry out work on private land and explains what the landowner can expect

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Scottish Water Compliance Complaint Procedure

Outlines the procedure for dealing with complaints relating to business customers

PDF 27 KB Download
Temporary Transfer Document

Guidance on our Scottish Water's approach to implementing arrangements for a temporary transfer of supply points for water and/or sewerage

PDF 247 KB Download
Water and Sewerage Charges for Vacant Non-household Properties FAQs

Frequently asked questions about charges for vacant non-household properties

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Water UK Briefing Note on Recovering Drinking Water Supplies

Find out about how to restore drinking water supplies after a period of inactivity

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