Metering Services

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Approved Data Logger List

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Data Logging Accreditation Application

Application for Accreditation as a Datalogger Installer

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Data Logger Notification Form

Form to confirm the installation or removal of a Datalogger on a Scottish Water Revenue Meter

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Data Logging Activities: Terms and Conditions

This document sets out the Terms and Conditions to which all parties (including NonHousehold Customers and Licensed Providers) who wish to install, maintain or remove data logging equipment must adhere in connection with Scottish Water’s water revenue meters

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Meter Menu

List of available water meters

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Data Catalogue

Meter Services Data Catalogue

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Template of Agreement

A signed agreement between Scottish Water and the Utility Connection Provider which is part of the accreditation process

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Scottish Water Meter Code of Practice

Outlinines the requirements that apply to accredited UCPs who undertake defined metering activities in relation to non-household premises in Scotland

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Scottish Water Meter Code of Practice Appendices

Appendices for the Metering Code of Practice

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Section 55 Terms and Conditions

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