Business customers may choose to have a datalogger installed on the meter that serves their property. 

A data logger is a device that is connected to the meter(s) and records the amount of water passing through it. 

This data can be monitored, providing you with a picture of how and when water is being used at your premises. This can help you notice and address potential problems such as leaks quickly and efficiently. 

Understanding your water use over time may also help you to identify where water could be used more efficiently. 

The supplier of data logging services will have to be selected from the current list of accredited data loggers. 

For more information about data loggers and how one could help your business, see our leaflet:  Data Logging

Do You Want to Become Accredited?  

Business customers and Licensed Providers may also apply to become Accredited Datalogger Installers. If you wish to apply to become an ADI please complete and submit the Data Logging Accreditation Application and Terms and Conditions