Single House Connections

Information on our Single House Connections process

If you are constructing a new domestic property, renovating an existing property, requiring a temporary connection, building water supply, or planning to convert from a private water supply, you may require a new connection to the public water supply or sewer network.


There are various utility connections required within the overall construction process for your development. It is important that you plan these connections at the earliest convenience.

We have created a guidance document that is intended to help make this process simple and easy to understand. Feel free to download it and have a read.

Single House Connections Guidance Document

View our Single House Connections Guidance document here

View here
It is a comprehensive guide that provides a clear outline of the high-level process from planning through to connection. It ensures you are aware of all parts of the process to plan, and supply us with vital information to progress your applications through our business team for both water and waste water connections. This guide also clearly outlines the process to convert from a private to public water supply.

In addition to this we also have a step-by-step video above that you can watch and gain an insight into what is required from you when you want to connect to our network.

We have also created these web pages that will hopefully allow you to follow the stages and guide you easily through the process.