Once your track inspection has been completed, Scottish Water will carry out the connection.  Please allow 10 days for the connection to be completed. There are sometimes factors taken into consideration when you are connecting to our water network that may influence this timeline. You will be advised at the earliest possible date if this is relevant to your property. 

After the connection has taken place you will arrange for the excavation to be reinstated by your contractor.

Utility Connection Provider (UCP)

In some cases, you can arrange for a Utility Connection Provider to carry out the physical connection as an alternative to Scottish Water. A Utility Connection Provider is a contractor with an accreditation to carry out water connections. 

For more information and a link to the Lloyds Register please see our Utility Connection page here.

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Progress updates in relation to your connection can be monitored via our Development Services Application portal within the ‘Construction Schedule’ section.

If you have any further queries in relation to your connection, please contact us: