What is Cryptosporidium?  

Cryptosporidium is a parasite which can cause acute short term infection. It is usually spread through contaminated recreational water and can cause mild to severe stomach upset.  

Recreational water sources include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs, fountains, lakes, rivers, springs, ponds, or streams that can be contaminated with sewage or faeces from humans or animals. 

Why Do We Genotype?  

There are approximately 60 discrete species or strains of Cryptosporidium. 

Only molecular techniques such as genotyping or DNA sequencing can truly demonstrate the differences between them. 

Of all known Cryptosporidium species and genotypes, only a small number can cause the Cryptosporidiosis infection in humans. Even fewer are capable of causing widespread waterborne Cryptosporidiosis outbreaks.

Cryptosporidium genotyping analysis can enable better informed decisions regarding the protection of public health. 

Sampling for Cryptosporidium 

The most effective way to sample for Cryptospridium is to filter a large volume of water through a special filter unit. 

We can supply a sampling service to allow effective sampling to be performed from your site.  Please contact our customer management team to discuss your requirements: Contact Us