You can apply to have a meter installed on the water supply to your property at your own cost.  Scottish Water will provide a standard meter.  Installation costs will be met by the homeowner. If you don’t own the property, you will need permission to install a meter.

For more information on how to get a water meter see our Water Meters section.

It could be beneficial to install a water meter if you want to reduce your water usage for environmental reasons, and you think you can pay less for your water using a meter than you pay through your council tax. 

Installation costs depend on the size of the meter and type of installation required. Standard costs are detailed in the Schedule of Rates which can be found in our Document Hub.

Please note that VAT at current rates is added to survey and installation charges.

Standard installation costs of water meters may be subject to change should any additional work be required.

Further information on our Metered Household Tariffs, including any associated costs of a water meter are provided in our 'Scheme of Charges' which can be found in the Charges section of the Document Hub

Metered Charges for Domestic households can be found in the Charges section of the Document Hub.