Botanic Gardens Near Junction of Garrioch Drive, Garrioch Road and Shakespeare Street

As part of our multi-million-pounds River Kelvin investment project, railings and the gates at the entrance to the walkway off Garrioch Drive have been refurbished.

The gates and railings will be reinstalled at this location on Thursday 17 August. Due to the size and weight of the gates, mechanical lifting will be required during their installation.

For health and safety reasons, pedestrian access to the walkway will be limited for a short period of time. Restrictions and diversions will be in place. 

Safety is of paramount importance and these works simply cannot be carried out without temporary restrictions being in place. 

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused. 


What we have done

We installed an underground chamber with a mechanical screen to filter out and prevent items such as rags, wet wipes that are wrongly flushed down the toilet from overflowing into the River Kelvin. We connected the new sewer infrastructure to the existing sewer by installing new sections of pipework and manholes. We also abandoned the existing storm outfall pipe upstream and installed a new outfall at this location. 


The temporary dam

The Kelvin Walkway remained open to all pedestrians and cyclists during these essential works.