Winter weather has had an impact on our water supply networks.

A prolonged spell of sub-zero temperatures followed by a rapid thaw caused a surge in burst pipes in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Additional demand on water treatment and supply systems reached a peak level – the highest we have seen in more than a decade – largely through bursts and leaks.

We’re doing all we can to respond by identifying and fixing those bursts and leaks so we can maintain supplies for customers.

As a result of heavy rainfall, there is a risk of flash flooding across Scotland. For further information and advice on flash flooding please click here.

Customers can also help us

By identifying leaks in your properties, leaks can happen in your house or business, please check your properties including unoccupied buildings. Bursts on private property are the responsibility of the key holder. If you find a leak, turn off your supply at the stop valve and call a registered plumber: via SNIPEF or Watersafe

Some bursts will be very visible and in publicly accessible places, others on private property which is the responsibility of the key holder or owner, and others will be much more challenging to locate. 

We would ask property owners, residents, keyholders and businesses to check their properties, including unoccupied buildings, for any sign at all of leaks or burst pipes. We can all collectively help reduce the amount of water being lost through burst pipes.