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Saving water on Arran

Photo taken by Kerr Rankin, Scottish Water employee on Arran.

How to get your free water saving pack

Scottish Water has been working with Home Energy Scotland and Arran Eco Savvy to deliver water saving advice and devices to Arran residents. 

Over 200 Arran households have already ordered their water saving pack to help them save water, energy and money and help keep more water in Arran’s natural environment.

To order your pack:

We're here to help Arran householders save water, energy and money.

Each individual uses approximatively 165 litres of water every day in and around the home. Arran has a population of around 4,500 people using more than 270 million litres of water per year. 

If everyone on Arran made small changes to reduce their water use by just 5%, then together we could save around 13 million litres of water per year.  Enough to supply a few Arran villages with water for an entire year!  

By making small changes and installing water efficient devices, we estimate that a family of four on Arran could save up to 36,000 litres of water and £100 off their energy bills a year!*

*Savings based on family four using an immersion heater on an off-peak electricity tariff.  Energy saving measures include using an eco-shower head, taking one minute off each shower, installing a cistern displacement device and using a universal plug.  Assumes electricity price on off-peak tariff at 10.748p/kWh. Figures correct as of May 2020. 

Why save water on Arran?

Even though it seems like it rains a lot in Scotland, it doesn’t always rain where we need it to. Water levels can still drop quickly during prolonged dry spells! With climate change, rainfall patterns will become less predictable, and the risk of these prolonged dry spells is increasing. 

During the hot, dry summer of 2018, Arran experienced an increase in demand for water of up to 30%. 

As a result we had to transport more than 25 tankers of water from the mainland by ferry, containing around 750,000 litres of water, to ensure residents and businesses on Arran had a constant supply of high quality drinking water.  

Saving water all year round helps to maintain local water supplies and improve resilience to dry spells as well as helping protect our precious natural resources. 

Hot water use makes up a fifth of the average household energy bill, so saving water helps save energy and money too, all while helping to reduce Arran’s carbon footprint.  

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