About Your Charges 2022-23

The vast majority of households in Scotland are billed by their local authority for their water supply and waste water collection services together with their Council Tax.  These charges are referred to as unmeasured charges and are based on the Council Tax banding of the house.  
Households that receive 100% Council Tax Reduction (CTR) due to their financial circumstances, and therefore do not pay any Council Tax, are still required to pay water and waste water charges for the services they have.  
Homes that receive CTR may also receive a reduction of up to 35% on their water and waste water charges through the Water Charges Reduction Scheme (WCRS).  Customers do not need to apply for the WCRS, your local authority will automatically apply any reduction to your charges.   

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If your Council Tax bill includes services that you believe your home is not connected to, please contact our Customer Portal.
Metered charges apply to the small number of houses where a water meter has been fitted to the water supply.  
Many houses across Scotland, mainly in rural areas, are not connected to Scottish Water’s network of sewers and will normally have private septic tanks.  Scottish Water offers Septic Tank Desludging services.
Scottish Water also provides other services such as household metering and new connections to the public water supply and waste water networks. 

Full-time students are exempt from paying household water and waste water charges.  As a result, the providers of purpose-built student accommodation, such as student halls of residence, are not charged for the water and waste water services for accommodation occupied by full-time students. 
However, water and waste water charges do apply when the accommodation is made available to, or occupied by, non-full-time students.