As a metered household customer you will be billed directly by Scottish Water for the water and waste water services we provide to your home. When we send your bill it may consist of the following elements, depending on which Scottish Water services you have:
  • Annual Fixed Charges
  • Volumetric Charges
  • Property Drainage Charges 
If your home has a water meter the metered charges from 1 April 2022 until 31 March 2023 are:

Annual Fixed Charges 

The annual fixed charge is based on the size of the meter serving your house or property.  Standard metered household supplies should only require a 15mm or a 20mm water meter unless there is unusually high water-use requirements.


Fixed Charges Water   Waste Water

£/Meter £/Meter
 Up to 20mm £166.23 £170.72
 25/30mm £494.00 £507.00
 40mm £1,398.00 £1,436.00
 50mm £3,108.00 £3,193.00


Volumetric Charges 

These water and waste water charges are each based on the size of your meter and the volume of water recorded on the meter serving your property. 

Volumetric Water Charges  £/m3
 For the first 25m3- up to 20mm meters only £2.6101
 For volumes after the first 25m3- up to 20mm only £0.9457
 Volume charge for larger meters £0.9457
 Volumetric Waste Water Charges  £/m3
 For the first 23.7m3- up to 20mm meters only £3.3748 
 For volumes after the first 25m3- up to 20mm only £1.5959 
 Volume charge for large meters £1.5959


Property Drainage Charges

These charges are based on the Council Tax Band for your home/property. 

Council Tax Band Property Drainage 
 A  £68.52
 B  £79.94
 C  £91.36
 D  £102.78
 E  £125.62
 F  £148.46
 G  £171.30
 H  £205.56

If rainwater drains to the public sewer from your property, then Property Drainage Charges will apply.

Where Scottish Water deals with no Property Drainage from any part of the property, no Property Drainage Charges will be applied.

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