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Scotland's Climate Change Adaption Programme 2019 - 2024

Scottish Government, April 2019

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Historic Marine Protected Areas – Scapa Flow and The Queen of Sweden

Historic Environment Scotland, April 2019

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Inshore Fisheries Pilot - Inner Sound of Skye

Inshore Fisheries Management & Coastal, April 2019

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Infrastructure Commission For Scotland - Call For Evidence

The Infrastructure Commission For Scotland, May 2019

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Environmental Principles For Scotland

Scottish Government, May 2019

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Marine Strategy Part 1 UK Updated Assessment and Good Environmental Status

DEFRA, June 2019

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Forestry and Land Draft Corporate Plan

Scottish Government, July 2019

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Gender Representation (Scotland) Act 2018 Implementation

Scottish Government, July 2019

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National Island Plan

Scottish Government, July 2019

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Proposed New and Revised Biological and Environmental Standards for the Water Framework Dire

UKTAG, July 2019

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Orkney Hydrogen Strategy 2019-25

Orkney Islands Council, August 2019

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Annual Energy Statement

Scottish Government, September 2019

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Consumer Scotland Bill

Scottish Government, September 2019

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Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, Extension of Coverage

Scottish Government, November 2019

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The Role of Public Sector Bodies in Tackling Climate Change

Scottish Government, December 2019

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Waste Data Consultation

SEPA, October 2019

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