Odour monitoring

Scottish Water and Veolia Water UK, the operators of the Seafield Waste Water Treatment Works will continue to monitor the facility for any potential odour issues following the completion of the multi-million pounds Odour Improvement Plan.

Construction began in autumn 2009 and was completed in summer 2011. The works is undergoing a strict monitoring regime which is being carried out by a number of environmental regulators.

We have kept the local community and its elected representatives fully informed, and met regularly during the construction programme. We have continued to keep them updated. 

The Odour Improvement project involved the installation of two new Odour Treatment Units, ductwork and support bridges, new coarse and fine inlet screens, channel covers, weir covers at Primary Settlement Tanks and improvements to the detritors which are now capable of removing fine particles of grit - reducing the risk of blockage and potential odour generation.

The plant is capable of producing up to 2300 kilowatts of sustainable electricity. Offset, this is enough to power up to 600 homes. This is produced by gas powered generators which use the gas produced in the 6 digesters on site to generate this ‘green’ power.

The facility is managed on our behalf by Veolia Water UK, one of the world’s leading environmental services providers, under a 30 year Private Finance Initiative contract which has been running since 1998.

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Seafield Green Energy Video

Watch this video to see how we are making Seafield waste water treatment works in Edinburgh greener and more self-sufficient.