This process will be used in instances where a customer has twice refused to provide access to a property and has ignored the warning notices and letters issued. Where requested by the Licensed Provider, Scottish Water will seek to obtain a warrant to gain access to the property to complete the disconnection, using its legal authority under the Water (Scotland) Act of 1980.

When emailing Scottish Water a request to proceed to Temporary Disconnection, Licensed Providers should instruct Scottish Water to invoke the Refused Access Process by marking 'WARRANT' in the subject line. 

The complete process document including all relevant appendices can be found below can be found under Process Number 38 in the Operational Code.

Please note that if a witness is signing the document then they are signing to say that they witnessed the service of the notice – they are not witnessing the signing of the document. The certificate does not have to be signed on the day the notice is served but it should be signed promptly thereafter – within 7 days. The date the notice was served and the date the certificate is signed should be clear.