Licensed Providers (LPs) may apply for reassessment of charges for unmetered Supply Points.
A Reassessment Request Form should be submitted to us when an LP believes that a premise should be metered.

An application can also be used if the assessed meter size and/or assessed consumption at the Supply Point(s) are not representative of the actual consumption requirements.

Under this process we will review:

  • Whether it is possible to install a meter at the premises
  • If we will make a Contribution Offer towards the costs of changing internal pipework at the premises in order to install a meter. 

If the LP does not accept the Contribution Offer, we will make a reassessment offer to the LP based on the information provided in the Reassessment Request Form.

The Supply Point cannot remain on assessed meter size and assessed annual volume as set out in the Wholesale Charges Scheme:

Wholesale Charges Scheme Part One

Wholesale Charges Scheme Part Two