Highway Authority Utility Committee Diversions (HAUC) 

The HAUC Diversions Team aims to safeguard our assets through assessing and managing asset conflicts with Roads, Rail and River Flooding schemes.

The HAUC Diversions team will ensure that new developments are fully compliant with the necessary framework, including, but not limited to:

  • Water for Scotland 4th Edition
  • Sewers for Scotland 4th Edition
  • Construction Design Management regulations
  • New Roads and Streets Works act 

The HAUC team seeks to improve customer service to Roads Authorities and Government agencies across Scotland. This is in relation to the management of conflicts between a new road or flooding scheme and our assets. The team ensures these don’t impact on the service to our customers, whilst maintaining the appropriate access that allows us to safely maintain our assets. 

Contact the HAUC team here

Asset Impact Team (AIT)   

We have a legal responsibility to maintain a wholesome water supply to our customers. 

For us to continue to provide this, we will, on occasion, have to gain access to the network to repair and replace the pipework. 

To ensure that we can safely access our infrastructure, it is important that no new developments are built too close to our pipework.  

If your proposed development is too close to our network then your application will be referred to our Asset Impact Team (AIT). The AIT is comprised of specialists who will review your design to make sure that it complies with our standards & specifications, including the access and stand-off distances. 

Contact the AIT team here


For any diversion applications, please visit our portal here.

If you are unable to use the portal, you can contact our Development Services team on Freephone 0800 389 0379 or alternatively email developmentoperations@scottishwater.co.uk and we can assist you with the completion of your application.  Alternatively you can access copies of our applications via our Document Hub.