There are strict guidelines surrounding the physical connection to the Public Water Network. Find out who can make a connection and the process for a connection to be made.

Pre-Start Meetings

Once your application has completed the technical audit stage, we recommend you request a Pre-Start Meeting. A Pre-Start Meeting is an opportunity for you to speak with a member of our field team before you begin any work on site. It is an opportunity for Scottish Water to support and guide you on the construction stage of your development in relation to water and waste water connections. 

A Pre-Start meeting can be requested through our Development Services Application Portal by clicking on the ‘request a meeting’ button within your application.

Mainslay Inspection

A mainslay Inspection is the inspection Scottish Water must carry out to ensure all future mains are laid in accordance with Scottish Water standards and specifications.

Before Scottish Water carries out any inspections of your pipework please note that your invoice must be accepted and fully paid.

Development Services Remote Inspections App

Scottish Water has released a mobile app which allows you to carry out your own water inspections remotely, removing the need for a Scottish Water inspector to come to your site. This must be used for all inspection requests for new infrastructure. The app is designed to guide you through the mainlaying, pressure test, sampling & service connection process, detailing the various images that you are required to submit.

This app allows Scottish Water to ensure that your pipe work has been laid and tested correctly and in accordance with our latest guidelines. Once these inspection pass, your water connections can then be programmed.

Download the app

If you require further guidance you can access the Remote Inspection’s guidance pack however should you require any further assistance, please contact us via email or call 0800 389 0379.

Please Note: For sewer inspections we currently do not have an App. Please contact our team via email or call 0800 389 0379.

Pressure Testing

Before any new main is connected to our existing network it has to undergo a successful pressure test. 

The purpose of pressure testing is primarily to identify the structural integrity of the pipework for any leakage, and also for verifying the performance of the new main or service laid for adoption and acceptability. 


Before any new main is connected to our existing network it must undergo successful disinfection and sampling. 

Prior to bringing any new main into service, a bacteriological sample must be taken, analysed by a UKAS accredited lab and approved by our Public Health Team. This is to ensure the water quality in our existing network is not compromised and there is no risk to our customers. 

Further information regarding Disinfection & Sampling and the applicable ‘Distribution Operation & Maintenance
Strategy’ (DOMS) procedures can be found via the links below.

Further Information