It is important to consider The Water Supply (Water Fittings) (Scotland) Byelaws 2014 when planning a domestic development. 

These requirements apply to all plumbing systems, water fittings and appliances connected to the public water supply in Scotland. These standards ensure that water quality and public health are protected in both the property and the public water network. 

At the application stage of your development we will ask you to notify us of any non-standard design plumbing items. Early notification of the plumbing items listed in our application forms will allow us to provide any necessary guidance on Water Byelaw compliance and could help prevent costly abortive work and delays to your development. 

At the technical audit stage of your domestic water connection application we will ask you to notify us of what option you have chosen to provide evidence of internal and external Water Byelaws compliance by completing a Water Byelaws (WB1) Form. The WB1 Form will be sent to you with your technical audit quote.

Please ensure you complete the WB1 Form and send it to . The options available range from Scottish Water undertaking all onsite checks, to WaterSafe accredited plumbers self-certifying their own work by completing a compliance certificate.  

Scottish Water encourage the use of WaterSafe accredited plumbers as these plumbers have completed Water Byelaws training and are authorised through their accreditation scheme to issue a Water Byelaws compliance certificate covering their own work. Visit WaterSafe at

For further support please see our Customer Guidance document 

Download a printable version of the WB1 form

More information on Water Byelaws can be found here: Water Byelaws.