The Distribution Operation & Maintenance Strategy  (DOMS) allows us to safeguard the quality of the water supplied to our customers. 

DOMS is a means of ensuring due diligence when any operations are carried out on our network. Our DOMS procedures are applicable to anyone who is working on our network. 

Through the application of DOMS principles in day-to-day activities we are able to ensure best practice and eliminate any potential risks.

Access to the relevant documents should be requested – for developers /IWRS contractors, you can request up-to-date documents via developer services, or via the DOMS mailbox at

Through the strategy, a set of practical documents and work instructions have been developed which will assist functional staff and contractors who work on the water network. Areas covered include Networks Operations, Maintenance, Workflow, Developer Services and Framework Contractors in operating and maintaining the water network.

For further information contact Development Operations on 0800 389 0379 or email