We have a commitment to supporting planning and feasibility for your new development. 
Regardless of the scale of your development location, or if it is intended for domestic or commercial use, our team is here to support you and respond to early consultation requests. 

Existing Public Asset Plans 

The location of our water or wastewater network can be found on the existing asset plans - see the Asset Plans page
Alternatively you can view these drawings free of charge at one of our local offices. 
It’s important to ensure you have an accurate understanding of local public assets you may wish to connect to, to support your new development. 

The Planning Process 

Scottish Water is a statutory consultee within the planning legislation and is required to comment on all outline or full planning applications which are referred by a Local Authority. 
You can submit a planning application via the ePlanning website
For more information regarding the planning process and policies visit the Scottish Government website 
Separate contact must be made with us, as planning permission granted by a Local Authority does not secure the provision of water and waste water services.  It also does not guarantee that there is sufficient network capacity available for new connections. 
We don’t object to a planning application unless the development could possess a significant risk to our public assets, or has the potential to impact on public health as a result of our assets being compromised.  

Technical Design Documents 

Our technical documents for design, Sewers for Scotland 4th Edition and Water for Scotland 4th Edition are available via the Document Hub along with other documentation that take account of changes to technical standards, new additions to material selection and provides improved clarity on Scottish Water’s requirements in terms of specification for the design, construction and vesting of new water or waste water infrastructure assets.

Please Note: All new designs submitted in relation to development in Scotland, that previously applied WfS3 and SfS3, will now need to comply with WfSv4.0 and SfSv4.0 as of 1st January 2019.