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Scotland's Water Resources

Scottish Water reports the raw water available in storage across the country on a weekly basis, throughout the year, whatever the weather.

Average levels Scotland-wide

16th February 2024  Current Change from last week  Difference from average 
 Total  99% 0%  3%


Average levels across the regional areas

Area  Current  Change from last week  Difference from average
 South  97% 0% 0% 
 West  100%  0%  4%
 East  99% 0% 4% 
 North  100% 0%  4%

Regional Areas Map

Use this map to view the four regional areas

Download here

We abstract water from 417 different water resources across the country ranging from very large reservoirs to very small river intakes so it is important we know how much raw water is stored in any source at any time of the year. 

The levels described on this page represent the average level in storage for the whole of Scotland, and the average level for the 4 regional areas represented on the map. The figures provided are valid for the date shown. The information describes the current average storage level, the change from the previous week and the difference from the average for the time of year.  

The nature of the weather we experience in Scotland brings different conditions, in different parts of the country, at different times of the year. Very often the general volume of water available will be different between regions, so the information provided in the tables gives a more local position to where you live. That being said, individual sources in your area or across Scotland may be high or low for many different reasons.

Water is a precious natural resource, and while we plan to provide a resilient supply both now and in the future we encourage all our customers to only use what they need and use water efficiently within their homes and businesses. For more information, please visit the links below.