Health and Wellbeing

We believe that good work supports good health and wellbeing good health and wellbeing supports good work.

If you feel positive, energised and healthy, you will get the most out of your home and work life.

We actively support the health and wellbeing of our people around four main areas:  

Agility in the Workplace 

  • Having the skills and tools you need to work in a way that enhances your lifestyle is important 
  • You will have a variety of flexible working arrangements and family-friendly policies to help you balance the demands of daily life.
  • You are encouraged to make the most of modern technology and green travel initiatives to improve your working options and work in an agile way.  

Emotional Wellbeing 

  • Your emotional and mental wellbeing is as important as your physical health.  
  • When you’re mentally healthy you are more likely to fulfil your potential, enjoy work and relationships and make healthy choices. 
  • We will help you build emotional wellbeing and resilience, with resources to help you understand your mental health and emotional wellbeing, 
  • Your Line Manager will be trained to know how to support you, raising awareness about mental health issues and encouraging openness
  • You can access to free counselling and occupational health support where required.  

Energised People 

  • Making positive changes to different aspects of your wellbeing makes you feel more energised  
  • You are encouraged to participate in energising activities such as our Great Place to Work initiatives and community volunteering opportunities. 
  • Your Line Managers are supported to reinforce work life balance. 
  • A healthy work-life balance and being energised enables you to be more productive at work by working smarter, not harder. 

Physical Wellbeing

  • We promote good physical wellbeing by providing the resources to make informed healthy choices 
  • Support is offered to those who are affected by health issues. 
  • You have 24/7 access to immediate medical advice and guidance from UK-registered nurses through our nurse - led absence management service. 
  • We provide information about nutrition and exercise 
  • You can find out more about your health through access to schemes like Cycle to Work 
  • You will have access to occupational health support where required