We are committed to working in partnership towards a shared Vision for the water sector which is a vital part of a flourishing Scotland. Read our vision below.

The Vision 

Scotland's water sector will be admired for excellence, secure a sustainable future and inspire a Hydro Nation. 

Together we will support the health and wellbeing of the nation. 

We will ensure that all of Scotland gets excellent quality drinking water that people can enjoy all of the time. Scotland's waste water will be collected, treated and recycled in ways that generate value and protect the environment. 

We will enable the economy to prosper.

We will transform how we work to live within the means of our planet's resources, enhance the natural environment and maximise our positive contribution to Scotland achieving net zero emissions. 

We will involve and inspire Scotland’s people to love their water and only use what they need. 

We will promote access to the natural environment and encourage communities to enjoy and protect it.

We will be agile and collaborate within the sector and with others to be resilient to the challenges which will face us.

We will keep services affordable by innovating and delivering the greatest possible value from our resources, helping those who need it most.

We will serve all customers and communities in a way that is fair and equitable to present and future generations.

We are a vital part of a flourishing Scotland.